Friday, July 22, 2016

Well hello internet world

    So let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Katie. I'm going to have to back date this quite a ways since I am the world's best procrastinator (also I'm a top notch exaggerator) and I didn't get around to starting this blog about our farm, renovation, and general insanity until almost a year after it started. A year ago today we were on our way from Nevada driving out to my wonderful inlaws who for some reason are ok with letting me and my 4 crazy children live with them while my husband starts a new job and happens to be in a different state. Only 3 hours away though! He was in the Navy though so this whole separation thing should be cake, right? (Wrong, spoilers!) Ok, now to back up and explain a little bit. Give you all a little back story so that you're not completely lost in my rambling. 

   Once upon a time, there was a sweet girl named Katie who believed she was a princess. Unfortunately, for her her parents were not royalty so she was so screwed by fate in that department but on the plus side she met the man of her dreams and they were married in August 2003. She was 17 he was 19 people asked her if she was pregnant. She wasn't. They said they wouldn't last. They're going on 13 years now. Anyways, fast forwarding just a bit, the amazing man, known hereon and henceforth and as Hubs joined the Navy for about 9 years (or 8 years 11 months 24 days as Hubs says) they weathered some long deployments and Hubs got to see the world while Katie got to see San Diego, Ca, San Jose, Ca and Fallon, Nv (quite the world traveler, huh?). In that time during visits from Hubs Katie managed to get pregnant and produce 3 magnificent boys.
    First was Amazing L, then Cap, and last but certainly not least was Tiny. Sad that they didn't have a daughter but not really wanting to deal with Katie being pregnant again Hubs and Katie both thought that maybe they could do some good and possibly get the daughter they knew they were supposed to have. After 3 years of living in Nevada and doing foster care they had their beautiful daughter, Z fully adopted and helped many other children along the way. Then they realized that they would need to move on from their little desert oasis because the military lifestyle isn't really one for deep roots. Until Hubs said enough.
  Well sort of, more of Hubs and the US government came to an agreement. The government said Hubs was fat and didn't run fast enough. Hubs said he couldn't run because they screwed up his knee or else he would certainly be exercising more. In the end he just retired.. got out? Not really sure how it works but he got out and found a job with the FAA. He controls airplanes. They gave him a list of airports and told him to rank them in the order he'd like, he did and they were told they would be going to Ohio. Katie had never been to Ohio. It seemed like a great adventure. 

  There, I'll leave out the chaos that ensued of us having to sell our house and move across country in a month with four kids, 3 dogs, a cat and a ton of stuff. It was even more chaos since we didn't have a home that we were moving to. We were dropping our kids off at my inlaws and then unloading our stuff into a storage unit in the town Hubs would be working in. Next post we buy this old house.....
Ok and yes this picture is of our caravan, there was the biggest truck we could get from Penske with a pop up trailer attached to it and matteresses on top since we're classy like that. Behind that is my 15 passenger van with a little bitty camper trailer full of junk. Lastly my mom followed in Hub's 4runner and the Awsome L and Cap. I had the little two. 

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