Sunday, July 24, 2016


  I am just going to skip the boring stuff. You know, the moving in and getting settled and the furniture shopping because to be honest nobody really cares what color my new couch is except my mom. Honestly, she probably only pretend to care because she's my mom and that's her job. I'm just going to skip ahead in this little story of my life a couple of months. The kids started school with no issues and its super awesome because the bus pulls up right in front of our front door. Seriously, its amazing. Hubs and I decided that since our first priority was the kitchen.
It was cute but dated.

Carpet and a table in the middle didn't really work for me.

  Honestly, we were super lucky with this house. Unlike on the home reality shows where someone like Chip and Joanna come and make all your dreams come true in an hour we were doing this ourselves. Well, to be honest, Hubs did most of the work. I came up with ideas, did clean up and bought stuff. Sometimes I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful man. Any who, since Hubs also had a full time job things took awhile and still a year later its not fully done but we can use it and I love it and it has everything I want. Also to offset the awfulness that goes with deconstructing a kitchen our house is the best house ever and had an extra kitchen upstairs for us to use. I was never without. Now for my kitchen in pictures...

Demo day #1 removal of appliances and table. Started in Oct 2015

Knocking out the old lap and plaster walls so that Hubs can rewire and put in better installation. Oh and put in real drywall. That dust goes everywhere. Kids enjoy helping when they're allowed to put holes in the wall. Nov 2015

Putting insulation back in after ripping everything out. It was so cold. Dec 2015
In January and February Hubs got the drywall, electrical, plumbing and other boring stuff done. I didn't take pictures because um hello, it's boring. Meanwhile, these poor brand new appliances that I picked out and Hubs bought me back in October languished in my living room. A constant reminder that I was using a stove upstairs that was older than me instead of my beautiful one I picked.

I painted the walls with their first coat of paint as soon as hubs gave the go ahead and and he put down my floor in March 2016. 

After he got the floor finished he started on the cabinets. Is it just me or do things seem to move fast when things start moving in? Still March
The delivery of my counter tops in April caused me to jump and squeal like a 4th grade girl. Both Hubs and Elvis-impersonator-deliveryman laughed. 

Unpacking.... April 2016

These were taken in May, so pretty recent. 

   That is the saga of my kitchen remodel thus far. We still need to put on doors to all the cabinets, finish the hood for the stove, put in upper cabinets, trim and that sort of stuff. For the most part though the kitchen is done and mostly the way I want it. I wish I had gotten better pictures now looking back but I still love it. Right now while the weather is good outside we have to do outside work. That's apparently a farm thing. When its snowing or raining again Hubs said he'll get back to work on my kitchen and get it finished, I'll add more pictures when that happens because everyone loves renovations. 

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