Thursday, July 28, 2016

Renovations Master Bedroom Part 1

  I say part one, of course who knows when everything will really be finished. When we bought the house there was a large closet taking up one wall. It was nice for storage but I hated the look of it. Plus with the closet in there I couldn't fit all my bedroom furniture in the room. I had a plan though.

This is how it looked when we bought it.
After we moved in, I accidentally on purpose chipped a bit of the paint away to see how bad it would be to strip it all off to repaint. Hubs was not pleased. I think it looks like a dinosaur. I call him Harry. 

Hubs tore all the closet out like it was nothing; occasionally he complained that they built the closet more like a room than a closet. It was heavy duty. 

I still haven't painted. The pink carpet is going to come out since the original hardwood floors are underneath. In the above picture you can see the construction going on in my parlor/formal dining room. My poor old farm house. I like the lay out of the master bedroom much better and the light doesn't hit us in the eyes anymore in the morning. I can hardly wait for phase two.

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