Saturday, July 23, 2016

So we bought this old house....

  My whole clan, minus Hubs, made it to Indiana late at night. Hubs arrived in the wee hours of dawn. No one slept well. My munchkins were jumping around from pent up energy of days spent road tripping across the country. Who would've thought that 4 and 5 year olds don't enjoy sitting in the car for more than 8 hours a day? Or that I can only listen to a cartoon play on repeat 5 times before getting slightly ragey? My mom had it easier with the older 2 boys since they are at the magical age where video games are cooler than parents and they no longer needing entertainment. We took a few days to re cooperate before ditching letting our inlaws enjoy the kids while we explored Ohio and unloaded all our junk in storage.

   Hubs and I ventured off to Ohio to unload the ginormous truck and get a quick look around town before getting back to our children. We drove out in separate vehicles and since I had 3 hours to my self to think, always a dangerous thing, I remembered the houses we had looked at online before we had come out here. I remembered this cute house we affectionately called the Witch House. It was perfect in my mind. Only 5 miles from his work, 23 acres, HUGE. I must have it! I called the realtor. He was really nice and available to show the house that day! Look, it was fate! Hubs was not going to be happy we were now on a schedule. Before we were only going to unload and explore at our leisure and return that night. Now we needed to quickly unload to make an appointment after the whole talk Hubs had given me about renting for a year so we could get to know the area before buying.... I was going to have some 'splaining to do.

  I waited for the perfect time. I am sneaky. We unloaded for a bit in the nasty humidity, actually looking back the humidity wasn't really that bad it was just horrible for someone who had never felt humidity before. I told him I'd run out and get him a nice icey sweet tea. While he was blissfully happy drinking his first few sips of sweet tea I casually brought up the Witch House and said we should drive by it. He said sure. Progress. I said, 'How about around 6?' He immediately knew I'd called the guy and made an appointment but since he is the most amazing man ever he just rolled his eyes and said fine, a break would be good anyways. After some more hours of back breaking labor we went to go see the Witch House.

  We loved the house as soon as we pulled up. It was built in 1903 and is HUGE over 3000 sq feet which is great when you have a lot of kids. Plus look at all the green. There is grass! True everywhere out here has grass but still, I love this house. Lots of charm. Lots of WORK, Hubs and I walked through we loved it but we both agreed there was a lot of things we would want to change most of it was things we could live with for now. Hubs loved the shop which is bigger than some people's houses. I loved the house itself. We both loved the property. 23 acres. Both of us have farm dreams so this was checking every single check list for us. The only thing it didn't check was a long lane from the road which is what Hubs wanted but everything else was there and the price was great. Cheaper than what we sold our house in Nevada for. We even loved the neighbors since the neighbors we the owners of the house (the son of the previous owner). Oh, it also had a guest house.

Cutest thing ever!

  Hubs told them we were very interested but we needed to talk about it. We finished unloading the truck and decided that I we needed this house. Just had to wait for our house in Nevada to finish closing.I won't bore you with all that back and forth craziness but we bought the Witch House! I still love it. I ended up living with my inlaws for about a month and a half while Hubs stayed in a camper and worked in Ohio. I love them and appreciate them so much but I was so glad to be into my own space again. Plus I got to sleep with my Hubs again ;) 

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