Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sheepish apologies

   No! I didn't get sheep. I just liked the animalistic play on words. I'm going to give you some excuses for why I haven't been posting updates on how everything has been going around here lately. I promise I'm going to get back to my regular posting. Although this blog is still new so its not like I have any followers or anything but it cathartic for me so I guess I'm apologizing to myself. 

  Over the last few weeks we have had more baby bunnies born and two more does due any day now. Thus far our new momma hasn't lost a single kit which is pretty exciting for us especially since the people we got her from said she ate her last litter. Her lumplings are all fat and happy and way more verbal than I thought any rabbit would be. Their little squeaks make me smile. The other two does were bred the same day but this is going to be their first litter so we'll see how they do. One of them has a belly button that has popped out into an outie position. I'm assuming that rabbits are like people and that means her delivery date is fast approaching. 

  We also decided it'd be fun to go to a nearby auction, you know to see how things work. I really and truly didn't intend to get any animals other than maybe a rabbit or two since I have been wanting to add some color in, we ended up coming home with 34 rabbits and a goat. The rabbits were going dirt cheap and I honestly could not help myself. Hubs didn't help matters by saying 'Well for that price. Why not?' So I totally am blaming him for my insanity. We only had one cage with us though because I really didn't plan on so many purchases so we had to beg for old cardboard boxes around the auction house and put rabbits in them. We did learn something though. I will never again purchase really young rabbits. We've lost all 16 of them except 1. They've just kept dying one or two a day and it breaks my heart. At first we thought it was because they were so young, we're guessing 4-6 weeks. Now though we're suspecting some worm or even e. cuniculi went through them. I am so glad we have a rule about quarantine. The older rabbits (8ish weeks) have been doing great. No deaths, eating, playing and just acting like rabbits in general. We did worm all the rabbits today just in case. I also got a beautiful 3 month (ish?) Flemish Giant doe. I love her. She was my most expensive rabbit. Honestly she cost more than all the other rabbits combined but I'm ok with that. Her name is Brunhilda and she is so sweet and snuggly.
The ill fated babies :(

The older buns, see Brunhilda? She's almost 3 times their size.
At the auction I also got a goat. I really didn't plan that one out either. We saw them lead the goat out and we thought it was a doe somehow both Hubs and I missed that it was a whether. If we'd known it was a whether we probably wouldn't have bid but we did and we won him for dirt cheap so its not a big loss or anything. He is adorable and loves people. His name is Zacchaeus and it took a few days for the other boys to accept him but he's now part of the little herd. Hubs says no more auctions for me until next year. 

   In addition to all the auction craziness we've also been redoing the rabbit barn, gardening and getting the kids back to school. My life is finally settling down into a nice routine again. That's why I wasn't posting but starting Monday all four of my kiddos will be in school so I will have alone time and be able to do stuff. Given a choice between blogging and cleaning what do you think I'm going to choose? ;)

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