Friday, August 5, 2016

Care for a buck anyone?

  I missed some days of posting. I really suck at sticking to things everyday between all the stuff here at the house, all the animals and all my children not even mentioning my dear Hubs who deserves way more of my time than he actually gets. Plus I'm sometimes a bit of an air head. I forget what things I wanted to do unless I put them on my dry erase board. Blogging hasn't quite made it to the dry erase board since its mostly for me, its not really a chore. Its an inbetween thing plus America's Got Talent was on and they need my votes, hellooooo. Today, I'm going to introduce the rest of my herd. They're mostly, you probably guessed from the post title, bucks. 

   I've heard a lot of things against bucks: they stink, they make your milk nasty, they are aggressive, they stink, the pee in their mouth and drink it, during rut they really stink, accidental pregnancies and of course they stink. Stink seems to be the number one concern with bucks. Currently mine don't stink since they're young and haven't gone into a rut yet. They are also further away from the house. If they start bothering neighbors with their smell we can move them even further back, its the nice thing about having lots of property and growing a little at a time. As for aggressiveness I've heard very conflicting information. Some people have said that bucks tend to ram you more than females others have said that they're sweeter and want more attention. I think it really matters how they're raised. Our Boar buck, Nebuchadnezzar, is about 4 months old now and he has a sweet shy disposition, the girls boss him around. He is skittish even around us now we know this might change during rut. Daniel, our little Alpine/Nubian mix is the sweetest snugliest goat in the world and it probably has something to do with me bottle feeding him. He follows me around and loves me, Hubs not so much. The first time I see a buck pee in their mouth I will probably throw up a little, there is no getting around how gross that is. Accidental pregnancies are also really easy for me to avoid since our boyos will have their own pasture. Problem solved. 

   Now for intros, this handsome fellow is Nebuchadnezzar but since it is such a mouth full to say we normally just call him Neb or Nebber. He is a 100% Boar goat and a full red color which is apparently desirable? I'm not really sure about what people are looking for in the show circuits because that's not what I'm interested in at this time. He isn't registered because again right now that's just not something Hubs and I are worried about. Neb is our only non dairy goat. Boar goats are traditionally meat goats. I hear you all our there screaming no! How could you eat such a sweet little baby.Well, to be honest, I'm still not completely sure I could eat a goat I know and am friends with. They are so sweet and personable. Hubs is holding out hope so we'll just have to see. Even if I can't do it though people pay a decent amount of money for 50% Boar babies for fair and 4h projects which would be fine with me. Plus we're thinking about offering a stud service. 
   Do you see the ball of adorableness? No, not my daughter! The little week old baby goat we brought home. I was hoping Esther would let him nurse and then Hannah would have a play mate since they're only 4 days apart. Yeah, Esther would have no part in any of that. Even hobbling her legs she still tried to crush this innocent little bundle of love. His name is Daniel, I call  him Danny and sing him Danny Boy. He has some of the most beautiful coloring I have ever seen. For some reason I don't have a decent picture of him but I do have video ;) No perfect pedigree for this little buckling, he is 50% Alpine and 50% Nubian. Right now he is my favorite. Shhh, don't tell anyone. 

  True to my somewhat flighty nature, this post is not only about bucks. I have one doe to sneak in to today's post. Back when we had just gotten Ruth I had tried to buy a pregnant goat off of craigslist (for and amazing price). Unfortunately, before we could set up a pick up date the goat had her baby. The lady said wait two months and email her again to remind her we wanted this goat and see if we were interested in the baby. I'm so bad at remembering but I have siri on my phone. Siri is good at remembering, even months later. I sent the email but since we had already gotten Neb and Danny we weren't really interested in another buckling so we turned him down and picked up Jezebel. She is a naturally polled goat, which means she doesn't have horns and she was born that way. What's really amazing about her is if I hold her she will let Daniel nurse no more formula for my boy! Breast is best and all that. 

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