Friday, August 12, 2016

Billy Goat? No. Bully Goat.

   Lately, we've ran into a little issue with out goats. My sweet Ruth has turned into a bully. Esther has always been a bit cantankerous. Ever since we've brought in Nebuchadnezzar the older girls haven't been too terribly fond of him. Its been ok though, since Abigail and him were getting along great and able to play. Of course, when I brought in little Danny he had yet another play mate. He had no interest in the old ladies. They ignored him and he stayed out of their way and all was well in my little goat herd. Until I brought home Jezebel. 

  I want to start by saying this really is not Jez's fault. She has no horns and she is underweight so maybe she is perceived as a weak link by the rest of the herd. The biggest problem is that she has such a sweet disposition that she just takes it. She doesn't stand up for herself at all. Hubs was working on a separate area for the boys since we don't want any 'accidents'. It was a good thing he had just finished it up too because I saw one of the most barbaric acts I've seen goats preform yet. Ruth and Esther were ramming Jezebel with their horns and trampling her. She was just laying on the ground not even moving. I thought that she was dead. I shooed the girls away trying to figure out what had happened and realized she was just laying there! Taking the punishment!

  Took some prayer, muscle and bribes but I was able to help her limp her way into the 'nursery'. The nursery is what we're calling a repurposed 10 by 10 dog kennel, half of the top and a side is covered with a tarp and then a quarter of the top has a shade cloth on it. Very redneck chic. In there I was able to address the damages. Jezebel had one leg she was limping pretty seriously on and another that was tender. Her nose was dripping blood but I didn't see any other signs of obvious injury. I'm sure she had plenty of bruises but nothing felt broken. I was pretty freaked out. I had never seen this kind of brutality amongst the goats. Of course I did what I did best, google search! Best I could come up with is that Jezebel is a weak link or maybe sick so the other goats are trying to drive her out. Could also have something to do with the pregnancy. Perhaps prejudice against goats without horns?

  Hubs as always was my super hero. He pointed out that since the boys were so laid back that Jezebel could just hang out with them and maybe then she could put on some more weight and we could try to reintegrate her to the female herd after Ruth delivers. Thus far, it is working perfectly. Jezebel has fully adopted Danny as her baby and has become the protector of the 'boy herd plus one girl'. Her confidence is going up and the boys hide behind her when the dog comes out with me. Funny thing is the dog would never hurt them but they're all afraid of him but Jez bravely stares him down and stamps her hoof at him. Hopefully, we can get her back in with the girls before we have an unexpected pregnancy happen though. 

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